Hoof Health Assessment

Dairy cow welfare is a primary concern with producers around the globe. Hoof health largely affects daily productivity and herd longevity.

With modern dairy management practices, lameness rates continue to rise. Our consultant team investigates lameness from the cow’s perspective, focusing on the dynamics that influence hoof health and the well-being of the milking herd, dry cows, and growing heifers.

Evaluate Lameness Trigger Points:

  • Cow environment
  • Time budgets
  • Handling and Stockmanship
  • Lameness detection through locomotion scoring
  • Hoof health records and trimming schedules
  • Hoof trimming and lame cow treatment techniques
  • Footbath management

We will help you develop a No Tolerance for Lameness Policy, based on practical solutions, focusing your attention on the right details to implement change.

Develop an Action Plan:

  • Train on-farm staff to detect lameness early
  • Train staff to successfully treat lame cows
  • Recommend effective trimming and therapeutic hoof trimming techniques
  • Establish footbath protocol to prevent infectious diseases
  • Discuss changes to the cow environment

Our first consultation and the initial recommendations are only the beginning.
As we work together, hoof health will improve, productivity will increase and you can

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