On-Farm Lameness and Hoof Health Assessment

Lameness is recognized as a problem in most dairy herds throughout the world. With modern dairy management practices, lameness rates continue to rise. I investigate lameness from the cow’s perspective, focusing on the dynamics that influence hoof health and the welfare of the milking herd, dry cows, and growing heifers.

    • Cow environment
    • Time budgets
    • Cow handling and herdsmanship
    • Lameness detection through locomotion scoring
    • Hoof health records and trimming schedules
    • Hoof trimming and lame cow treatment techniques
    • Footbath management

    A customized hoof health game plan will be developed with practical solutions.

        • Train on-farm staff to detect lameness early
        • Train staff to successfully treat lame cows – ACTION STEPS
        • Recommend effective trimming and therapeutic hoof trimming techniques
        • Establish footbath protocol to prevent infectious diseases
        • Discuss changes to the cow environment

    My first consultation and the initial recommendations are only the beginning. As we work together, hoof health will improve and we will SAVE COWS.